Safe, Clean, & Healthy

Calgary is a safe, clean and healthy city. In fact, Calgary was ranked the Cleanest City in the World by Miratel in
2013. And in a North American quality of living survey done by Mercer, Calgary also ranked the 16th highest
city for personal safety and security. The city has made, and continues to make, a significant investment in
personnel, equipment, and technology for Calgary’s security and protective services (including fire, police,
emergency medical services and STARS Air Ambulance). The emphasis on personal security shows. Calgary
has been ranked as one of the top 35 cities in the world for overall quality of living.

City and Region

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) Major Event and Emergency Management Section (MEEMS), develops a
yearly Strategic Emergency Management Plan that supports the MEEMS mission to Maximize safety during
major events and emergencies. The Strategic Emergency Management Plan clarifies the risk environment in
which MEEMS creates operational plans and prepares for events through the identification and prioritization
of threats and risks.
Planning that is conducted for major events is driven by ongoing risk assessment with a focus on mitigating
identified risk factors identified for each event. The tools for mitigation encompass all of the resources within
CPS as well as the resources of partner agencies. The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA),
Calgary Fire Department (CFD) and Alberta Health Services (AHS) are all key partners that are involved in
the planning, prevention, response and recovery for major events. While CEMA is the coordinating agency
for complex events, the nature of each event determines the agencies that will be involved.
In the case of the World Petroleum Congress, MEEMS would author a robust risk assessment and build an
operational plan that would support the event. With regard to natural disasters or political unrest, existing
Emergency Response Plans within each agency would be initiated as needed.