The global oil and gas industry  continues to change at a pace never seen before, as new technologies open up new potential. The challenge of operating successfully in a world of lower energy commodity prices, often in high-cost environments, continues.

Local communities and special interest groups are engaged with the oil and gas industry in a more involved and complicated manner than in the past. And an ever-sharpening focus on carbon emissions adds to the challenges facing the oil and gas industry around the world.


WPC Canada believes that local communities are partners in the development of oil and gas resources and should share in the economic and social benefits associated with resource development. Accordingly, WPC Canada intends to build a legacy program funded by revenues from the 2023 WPC Congress to support WPC Canada’s local partners. The program will focus on four key pillars:

• Environmental stewardship
• Education and training including programs focused on indigenous peoples
• Leadership development, promoting the future leaders of the oil and gas industry
• Technology and sustainability

WPC Canada will also make an enhanced contribution to the WPC international governing body to support legacy programs around the world, benefitting the various national committees and their own local communities.


In the year 2000, WPC Canada hosted the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, Alberta. At the conclusion of this memorable event, WPC Canada launched the first-ever WPC Legacy Program, focused on education, with $250,000 (CAD) donated to two technical colleges. A further $4.2 million (CAD) was set aside in the new Millennium Scholarship Foundation.

From 2002 to 2009 the Millennium Scholarship Foundation awarded 1,600 scholarships to students across Canada pursuing studies in engineering, environmental sciences, international business, and geology. The WPC Millennium Scholarship Program was intended to complement other programs in support of young people pursuing engineering and environmental studies. Hosting the World Congress in 2000 made it possible to support an active and vibrant energy youth chapter in Canada. WPC Canada and its own Future Leaders Committee have been very active in promoting and supporting many youth-oriented programs including hosting the successful Future Leaders global forum in Canada in 2015. The legacy of the 2000 World Petroleum Congress is the positive impact on the lives of over 1,600 scholarship recipients and youth pursuing energy careers throughout the nation. 

Building on WPC Canada’s track record of prior Legacy success, WPC Canada intends to create an even more impactful Legacy in Canada and around the World through a new Legacy plan associated with the 2023 WPC Congress.


WPC Canada has identified four key strategic pillars to focus on with the support of Legacy funds:

Environmental Stewardship

Legacy funds will support initiatives, and research, into environment stewardship and how petroleum producers and transporters can have the least environmental impact on the world around us.

Education and Training

Legacy funds will be used to carry on and enhance the success of the Legacy Program from the WPC Congress in 2000. Much of Canada’s oil and gas activities occur over, on, or near native lands. WPC Canada will develop and support programs targeted at providing industry related education and training for indigenous peoples in an effort to strengthen their partnership and involvement with the energy industry.

Leadership Development

Drawing new talent to the energy industry is absolutely critical to the success of the industry’s future. WPC Canada will devote funds to promoting the energy industry to youth, with a strong focus on attracting female youth to the industry, and to the development of the industry’s future leaders.

Technology and Sustainability

Technology is changing rapidly within the oil and gas industry as is the application of technology. WPC Canada intends to support and encourage the use of new technology by supporting forums, technical papers, field testing, and promoting the rapid changes in the industry that can benefit all players. WPC Canada is also committed to providing an enhanced contribution to the WPC international governing body for the benefit of all national committees. The international governing body has the responsibility of supporting and building the industry across the globe. WPC Canada respects this commitment and will support the international committee in support of the World Petroleum Council’s efforts to share the benefits of a WPC Congress with all members.


WPC Canada is very excited by the prospect of hosting the 2023 WPC Congress in Calgary, Canada. Calgary is the centre of resource exploration and extraction in Canada. We know we can count on local community support and volunteerism to promote and stage a phenomenal Congress in Calgary. A successful event means a higher level of committed Legacy funds to support local communities in Canada and around the world.