The currency used in Calgary is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). Calgary accepts all major credit cards.

If you prefer to use cash, most banks are open Mondays to Fridays from 9am–5pm, though specific branches may vary. Some banks are open on the weekends with shorter hours. Automated teller machines (ATMs) are available at many branches 24 hours a day.


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There are many places to shop in Calgary, from small boutiques to large malls. Major shopping streets include 17th Avenue, Stephen Walk. Along with typical weekday hours, most shopping locations are also open on weekends and public holidays, typically around 12pm–5pm.


Chinook Centre Mall

CF Chinook Centre boasts over 250 stores, including top retailers and unique choices you won’t find anywhere else in Calgary. Home to major department and flagship stores exclusive to Chinook Centre, we take pride in being Calgary’s premier shopping, dining & entertainment destination.


It’s never been easier to Find Yourself Downtown. The CORE is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Calgary with easy access to the C-train, bus, and just steps away from your downtown hotel and conference centre.

Market Mall

CF Market Mall offers services and amenities for the entire family to enjoy. With over 200 retailers and one of Calgary’s best time-out places – “Monkey Around/Playground”, the shopping experience at CF Market Mall is truly unique.


Restaurant tipping is left to the customer’s discretion, but the customary amount is 15%. Many restaurants automatically add a tip or gratuity to the bill for groups larger than 6 or 8 people. It is also customary to tip bellhops, luggage handlers and taxi drivers, at your discretion.